The Water Is Wide

The Water Is Wide


Traditional folk tune

| arr. T Robinson 

| This very popular folk tune opens on 1st Baritone, with a muted cornet section and flugelhorn accompaniment, before the introduction of the rest of the band. The warm textures continue into verse two, where the Solo Cornet plays over a moving quaver texture largely compromising of tenor and baritone horns. The trombone section then initiates a modulating section, which is followed by a powerful final verse, before the 1st Baritone returns with a final thought.

The Water is Wide has been performed by hundreds of artists, particularly since the 1900s, and remains popular to this day.

Lyrics include “The water is wide, I cannot get over; neither have I wings to fly; give me a boat that can carry two, and both shall row, my love and I.”

Exposed parts include Solo Cornet, Flugel, 1st Baritone and Euphonium. Percussion parts consist of Drum Set and Glockenspiel. 

Difficulty rating: 2 (Click here for more info)

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